Female image in Ukrainian mythology and visual culture

The female image in Ukrainian visual culture is very diverse and multifaceted. From stories about the bloody revenge of Königin Olga and the plaintive cry of Yaroslavna to the majestic Oranta and the Cossack Protection. From Berehyna (Guardian goddess) - to the Motherland Monument. Somewhere in the vicinity of Conotopian witches and affronted vengeful naiads, between divine and infernal.

The indomitability of Ukraine today is personified by millions of women's faces: volunteers, military women and those who defend their own and other people's families. The tragic image of the fortified Ukraine from the school course of national literature was reborn under new historical challenges into a militant female heart. The collective memory was filled with images of the past, and modern Ukrainian visual culture was replenished with new iconic symbols of femininity.

This topic was discussed with lecturer and art critic Halyna Gleba during an open lecture. Recording at the link