NGO Cultural Project, French Institute and the Khanenko National Museum of Fine Arts united in a partnership around a 5-day workshop for teachers, museums, parents “How to Talk to Children about Art” by Françoise Barbe-Gall – a French teacher and art critic, consultant to the French Ministry of Education. The author introduced the students to their own method of working with children of all ages. The approach of Mrs. Barbe-Gall aims at making art more open to children, to create an opportunity for them to understand their artistic works in their own way, depending on the age-specific nature of the perception of the surrounding world.

The initiative of NGO Cultural Project explored the possibility of influencing children programs, in particular, the educational programs of museums, focusing on the teachers of fine arts in schools and museum workers who were in charge of conducting children programs.

There was a need to update the museum programs, make them more modern and oriented to the perception of children. The focus was on issues with open borders, without ready answers, which would include both knowledge about art and thinking as a way of cognizing the world.
The seminar was held on February 15 – 19, 2012 at the Khanenko National Museum of Fine Arts and delivered both lectures for a wide audience and workshops for a special group of participants.

The event resulted in booming popularity of Francoise Barbe-Gall in Ukraine – not less than in France. After the event in Ukraine, the second book from the series “How to Talk to Children was Art” was published in Ukraine, and NGO Cultural Project received the right to translate it together with the French Institute in Ukraine and Sofia Ryabchuk.