NGO Cultural Project will deliver an educational program in the framework of ODESSA CLASSICS International Festival of Classical Music. During 10 days – from June 01 till June 10, the Ukrainian audience will attend performances by world stars and groups such as the Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Daniel Hope, Stefan Vladar, Dimitri Ashkenazy and others. Among the participants of the festival there are Ukrainian virtuoso performers and young talents whose names are only gaining in popularity. The festival combines various fields of art – from literature to theater, but the main role, of course, is given to music.
The educational program from the Cultural Project’s Lecturers will be accompanied by musical events and will give the audience a profound excursion into the works of such geniuses as Bach or Messiaen, introduce the phenomenon of musical Vienna of the XIX century and explain the evolution of the classics as a term, phenomenon and everyday life.

The lectures will be delivered in Invogue gallery of contemporary art (Odesa, 25 Yekaterynynska Str.). Free admission.

Our experts:
Vitaliy Vyshynskiy
Composer, musicologist, pianist, Ph.D in Art Studies. Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Techniques of Musical Art of the Institute of Arts of the B.Grinchenko University of Kyiv. Lecturer of Cultural Project. Specializes in both classical and contemporary music, delivered the “Sound” lecture course organized by OK-projects art-space in Closer. He is the author of compositions performed at festivals of contemporary music in Ukraine and abroad.
Anna Gadetska
Music cultural critic, Ph.D. in Art Studies. Senior Lecturer of the Department of Theory and History of Culture of the P. Tchaikovsky National Musical Academy of Ukraine. Lecturer of Cultural Project. Program Director of OPEN OPERA UKRAINE. Anna is the author and host of many artistic projects devoted to ancient music.
Iryna Yagodzynska
Ph.D. of Art Studies, musicologist. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Theory and Techniques of Musical Art at the Institute of Art of the Kyiv B.Grinchenko University. Lecturer of Cultural Project. Iryna investigates semiotics, problems of interaction between verbal and non-verbal art practices.
Oleksiy Voitenko
Composer, musicologist, Ph.D. in Art Studies. Lecturer of P.Tchaikovsky National Musical Academy of Ukraine. Lecturer of Cultural Project. The main spheres of his musicological activity are the theory of orchestration, theoretical and methodological problems of composer’s creativity. Alexei Voitenko’s music is performed at many Ukrainian festivals, as well as abroad.

Program timetable:
May 29, 17:00
Lecture of Anna Gadetska “Classics workinprogress: reloading”
May 30, 17:00
Lecture of Vitaliy Vyshynksiy “Aria with variations: Bach, Tarkovsky, Pärt”
June 03, 17:00
Lecture of Iryna Yagodzynska “Sound image of the city: musical Vienna of the XIX century”
June 04, 17:00
Lecture of Oleksiy Voytenko “Eternity moments in music of Olivier Messiaen”

Educational program is delivered with the support of Serhiy Hrynevetskiy.