Cancel culture or culture cancel

Russian culture and its institutions are now being actively excluded from cultural events, educational and scientific projects all over the world. In Ukraine, streets and metro station names are being changed, monuments are being removed, and the removal of Russian literature from the school literature curriculum is being discussed. Is "Great Russian" culture dangerous and toxic? Does it give birth to monsters of the ideology of "Russian Peace"? How did the "normalization" of cruelty and total inhumanity happen? How should Ukrainians and Russians themselves understand the Russian symbolic universum by now that the war is going on?

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Taras Lyuty is a Ukrainian philosopher, writer, columnist, musician. Doctor of Philosophical Sciences. Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the NaUKMA. Senior researcher of the Department of Philosophical Anthropology of the Institute of Philosophy named after Grigory Skovorody.

Lyudmila Kryvoruchka - director of the Doctoral School named after the Yukhymenki family of NaUKMA; head of doctoral studies, postgraduate studies; Candidate of Philosophical Sciences. She works as a researcher in scientific projects of NaUKMA, teaches philosophical disciplines at NaUKMA since 1999.