Literature as a way of life: Ukrainian modernism and its consequences

On Saturday, October 29th, the Cultural Project ended the month of modernism with an open lecture by Halyna Glodz about Ukrainian modernism in literature.

Intellectual and ruffianly, refined and brutal, prone to building canons and their destruction - modernism has many faces. However, they all have common features. Let's say, the realization that the world is fundamentally changing, and art needs to change with it. Or meticulous attention to the essence and meaning of art, which gave rise to numerous manifestos and theoretical works. Or - in the Ukrainian version - presence on the execution lists: the sophisticated neoclassicist Mykola Zerov and the scandalous futurist Mykhailo Semenko, despite all their differences, were put to death ten days apart, and their work was equally silenced for decades.

Why did Ukrainian modernism so enrage the Soviet state? What was modernist literature for authors and readers? And why should we, today, read it?

Watch the recording of the lecture on our YouTube channel