Continuing the strategy of audience development around powerful cultural events, during 10 days, on June 1-10th, Ukrainian listeners heard the performances of world stars and bands such as the Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Daniel Hope, Stefan Vladar, Dmitriy Ashkenazi, and others. Among the participants of the Festival were the virtuoso Ukrainian performers and young talents, whose names are only gaining popularity. The festival Odessa Classics combines different fields – from literature to theatre, but the main role, of course, is given to music.

The educational program from the lectors of NGO “Cultural Project” (Vitaliy Vyshynskiy, Anna Gadetska, Iryna Yagodzynska and Oleksiy Voitenko) became an accompaniment to the musical events and gave the audience a profound excursion into the works of such geniuses as Bach or Messian, introduced the ХІХ Vienna music phenomenon and explained the evolution of the classics, as a term, phenomenon and commonplace.

Sergiy Hrynevetskiy, the honorary citizen of Odesa and Odesa region, supported the project.
Photos by Oleg Synkov